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The Ever-Growing Toxicity of Donald Trump

We have a President-Elect whose major attributes are his ignorance, incompetence, narcissism, arrogance and immaturity, coupled with his delusional belief he is fit to be President and Commander in Chief. He is turning this country into a toxic wasteland, and he's not even President yet.

(The teenage wasteland described in the Who's 1971 song Baba O'Reilly and its predecessor Teenage Wasteland from Pete Townsend's Lighthouse, was toxic, whether it was about the tyranny of the Government in rendering its citizens powerless as laid out in Pete Townsend's never-made or understood Lifehouse opera, or about the wasteland known as Vietnam which had been littered with teenage lives in 1971, which was front and center at Woodstock, where many people did get wasted.) The video above, mostly of events in the UK with some Vietnam and sports scenes interpersed, shows anti-fascism protests, working class images and trucks warning of the danger of the "Common Market". [More...]

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UnPresident Cheeto Claims He Won Popular Vote

UnPresident-Elect Donald Cheeto claimed today he would have won the popular vote if voters hadn't cheated.


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Clinton Campaign to Participate in Vote Audit and Recount

Clinton Campaign finance guy Mark Elias has issued a statement saying the campaign will participate in a vote audit and recount of Wisconsin, and of Michigan and PA if Jill Stein files the requests.

Because we had not uncovered any actionable evidence of hacking or outside attempts to alter the voting technology, we had not planned to exercise this option ourselves, but now that a recount has been initiated in Wisconsin, we intend to participate in order to ensure the process proceeds in a manner that is fair to all sides. If Jill Stein follows through as she has promised and pursues recounts in Pennsylvania and Michigan, we will take the same approach in those states as well.


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Trump's First 100 Days: An Inauspicious Start

The era of the Inglorious Donald Trump is upon us. This will be the most dreary Thanksgiving ever. Here's what we learned about Unpresident Donald Trump today:

The security cost for protecting Trump and his family in New York is $1 million a day. As I wrote this morning, the Mayor plans to ask the feds to help out. If he's successful, that's our tax dollars being spent.

The Chicago Tribune tells Trump to suck it up and take his family to live in D.C. I agree.

Even if he personally repays the state and local governments for the massive cost of protecting his wife and 10 year old son after the inauguration in New York so he can indulge his 10 year old's desire to finish the 5th grade with his chums, which I suspect he won't because he's too miserly, he can't repay New Yorkers for the inconvenience and time lost in traffic jams. Tourism will fall quickly. Who would book a holiday trip to New York now, knowing they can't get up or down 5th Avenue and everyone will be in a Grinch mood over the delays (if it doesn't cause an unprecedented rise in violent road rage incidents?) [More...]

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Monday Open Thread

I'll be offline Monday and Tuesday, so here's a new open thread.

I'll be glad to miss the news as to the new UnPresident. It's still too difficult to process.

I'm debating whether to start a second blog tracking his moves. Here's what it would look like (only I'd move it to its own site.) Might be too much work and too depressing. You can't leave comments as of now, it's just a prototype (but that would be the site name, once I moved it off worpress.com.)

Again, All topics welcome

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Sweden's Largest Neo-Nazi Group Holds Parade to Celebrate Trump

Sweden’s neo-Nazi Nordic Resistance Movement (NMR) held its largest march ever on Saturday, celebrating the election of Donald Trump, which it calls the start of a world revolution. The NMR has been promoting "an openly racist and anti-Semitic doctrine" since 1997.

Per Öberg, the Nazi group’s press chief, told the gathered crowd that Donald Trump’s election was a sign that a world revolution was beginning.

Also speaking was Vera Oredsson, a lifelong Nazi who was a member of the Hitler youth as a child growing up in Nazi Germany, and Fredrik Vejdeland, the group’s head of strategy.

More than 600 participated (despite being the snowiest Movember day in Stockholm in 111 years. [More...])

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Trump U. Lawsuit and Transition Duties

Trump's attorney has filed a motion to continue the Trump University trial set for Nov. 28 in San Diego. I just downloaded his lawyer's motion, and 500 pages of attachments, which he filed "ex parte" but isn't sealed. (Case No. 10-cv-00940-GPC-WVG, Low v. Trump Univ. et. al., Document 567, 567-2)

It is simply frightening that someone like Donald Trump is being entrusted with these responsibilities:

In fewer than three months, the President-Elect must be prepared to manage 15 executive departments, more than 100 federal agencies, 2 million civilian employees, and a budget of almost $4 trillion. [citations omitted]. He needs to devote this intensive period to transitioning the vast functions of the federal government to an administration that has yet to be formed. [More...]

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The Swamp of Donald Trump's Potential Nominees

Apparently, each member of Donald Trump's transition team has been assigned a specific cabinet post and will decide who gets it. The people picking the appointees are as scary as the names they are considering.

There really is no hope to be had here. It is as bad as we thought, and more. Consider: [More...]

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Paul Ryan: Medicare Killer

Paul Ryan, who has always planned to privatize and gut Medicare, now says Donald Trump is on board. You can hear Ryan say he's already talking about it with Trump this Fox News interview.

He says overhauling Medicare is more of a priority than social security (which he says he has not discussed with Trump.)

If Republicans in Congress attempt to gut Medicare, there will be riots instead of protests. Starving Grandma is acceptable to no one.

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Trump Transition Teams: 3 Kids and a Son In Law

Donald Trump remains true to his shallow roots. He's just moved from Celebrity Apprentice to Dynasty in naming his transition team. He's put his three adult offspring and a son in law in charge of picking who will run our country.

The list has 16 names, which means 25% of them are Trump's family members. [More...]

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Apocalypse Day Three: "An American Tragedy"

David Remmick in the New Yorker has an excellent article on Donald Trump's win, calling it nothing short of an American Tragedy. He is correct, for all the reasons he states. (Also See Remmick's long article a few weeks ago in the New Yorker on his last interview with Leonard Cohen.)

Protests continued around the country last night. Thousands marched down the 16th St. Mall in Denver. [More...]

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Thousands Protest Trump Around the Country

Thousands are in the streets protesting Donald Trump.

Thousands of protesters swarmed the streets of several major cities Wednesday to voice their opposition to Donald Trump, who less than 24 hours earlier stunned the world in a upset victory to become the 45th person elected president of the United States.

Chanting "Not my president" and "F--- Trump," the scene outside Trump International Hotel & Tower in Chicago felt like a grand uprising — one where minority groups who have felt targeted by Donald Trump over the past eighteen months hoped to send a direct message to the president-elect.


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Foreign Media Weighs In On Trump Win

The day before the election the German Bonne Express wrote, Please, Not the Horror Clown. Today, an article appears referring to Trump as the sociopath in the White House

The nightmare has come true. Donald Trump is the new president of USA . The Americans have chosen a demagogue, sexist and racist the most powerful man in the world. At the White House soon sits a self-proclaimed savior with sociopathic traits. Unpredictable, brushed on riot. With an abundance of power without equal.


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The Real Winners and Losers of the 2016 Election

Who really won this election?

The politics of fear. If you are Muslim, Gay, foreign born, female, African American or Hispanic, fear is in your future for the next four years.

If you are old, sick or dependent on social security and Medicare, fear is in your future for the next four years should you live so long. [More...]

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That's All, Folks

The AP has declared Donald Trump the winner.

The Washington Post reports Hillary has phoned Trump and conceded:

Shortly after Wisconsin was called for Donald Trump, putting him over the 270 threshold needed to win the White House, Clinton called him to concede the election, The Washington Post has confirmed.

Absolutely vile.

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