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Supreme Court Provides a Respite for DREAMERS

The Supreme Court today invalidated Donald Trump's order ending President Obama's DACA program for DREAMERS, which provided a two year haven from deportation for children who came to this country without proper papers and met certain criteria. The program did not create a "path to citizenship". However, for the more than 700,000 who enrolled, the two year respite from deportation was renewable.

The Court did not rule on whether the program was lawful or not. It merely held that Trump's order was procedurally invalid because it did not provide enough of a reason for ending DACA. The opinion is here.

We address only whether the agency complied with the procedural requirement that it provide a reasoned explanation for its action.”

Chief Justice John Roberts joined with the four liberal justices to hold that Trump's explanation at the time was inadequate. He's free to try again, but since any grounds he gives will be challenged through the courts, the final resolution will likely be after the November election, so DREAMERS can breathe a sigh of relief today.

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Curfews Coming

The City and County of Denver has just announced a curfew for tonight. Appearing on my cell phone:

I don't mind the curfew as much as I do the end of social distancing in Denver. (From today at the state capitol).

The past two days most of the protesters, even in the afternoon, wore masks. On Friday afternoon, at least when they approached the corner of my house, many seemed to stay more than 6 feet apart. [More...]

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ICE Raids: Exercise Your Rights


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Immigration Raids: Cities Prepare, People Protest

Protesters against Donald Trump's immigration raids were out in force across the country today as cities implemented policies to assist the immigrant community.

The raids are expected in Atlanta, Baltimore, Chicago, Denver, Houston, LA, Miami, NYC, Newark, San Francisco and Washington, DC. New Orleans got a delay due to the storm.

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Study: Lack of Correlation Between Immigrants and Crime

A new report finds that growth in the number of persons who are unlawfully present in the U.S. does not lead to higher local crime rates." Previous studies did not differentiate between lawfully present immigrants and those who are unlawfully present.

There is no immigrant crime wave in the U.S. Unfortunately, there is manic xenophobia thanks to the man with the desk in the oval office.

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Caravan: Thousands of Migrants Cross Into Mexico

A border fence and gate did not prevent thousands in the Caravan of Immigrants from crossing the Mexican border despite the preventive efforts and large numbers of Mexican police. Here is the most compelling slideshow of images I've found, just scroll down the page to them as there is no independent link.

The Mexican police ultimately gave up. Here is a one minute video of the moment they succeeded into crossing the border.

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Starbucks to Provide Racial Bias Training to 175,000 Employees

Starbucks announced today it will close all of its 8,000 stores and its affilaiate stores for an afternoon next month during which more than 175,000 employees will undergo racial bias training.

The curriculum to be designed by nationally recognized experts and will be available for other companies to use:

The curriculum will be developed with guidance from several national and local experts confronting racial bias, including Bryan Stevenson, founder and executive director of the Equal Justice Initiative; Sherrilyn Ifill, president and director-counsel of the NAACP Legal Defense and Education Fund; Heather McGhee, president of Demos; former U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder; and Jonathan Greenblatt, ceo of the Anti-Defamation League. Starbucks will involve these experts in monitoring and reviewing the effectiveness of the measures we undertake.

I've met Bryan Stevenson and have listened to him speak several times. He is beyond top notch. Good for Starbucks, not only for recognizing the problem, but engaging in meaningful dialogue on how to correct it. And for offering to share the training with other companies. [More...]

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Cambridge Analytica Fires CEO after Secret Video Appears

A video has been revealed of Cambridge Analyitca officials. You can watch it here. In it they talk to an undercover reporter "how Cambridge Analytica secretly campaigns in elections across the world. Bosses were filmed talking about using bribes, ex-spies, fake IDs and sex workers."

Channel 4 news also recorded CA CEO Alexander Nix saying CA ran the Trump digital campaign , ran the TV campaign, that he personally met Donald Trump many times. Nix says on the tape CA did all the research, got all the data, did all the analytics, all the targeting. He says their data informed all of Trump's strategy.

Here's a video presentation by Nix in his Online Marketing Rockstars Keynote in Germany on the work CA did for Trump's Campaign and the strategies the company used.[More...]

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FTC Opens Investigation Into FB Over Cambridge Analytica

The FTC has opened an investigation into Cambridge Analytica.

At issue for the company -- and at the heart of the FTC probe -- is a settlement they reached with the agency in November 2011, ending an investigation that Facebook deceived users about the privacy protections they are afforded on the site.

...Among other requirements, the resulting consent decree mandated that Facebook must notify users and obtain their permission before data about them is shared beyond the privacy settings they have established. It also subjected Facebook to 20 years of privacy checkups to ensure its compliance. [More...]

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ICE Detains 10 Year old With Cerebral Palsy After Surgery

In the "You Can't Make This Stuff Up" and "Why They Hate Us" Departments: ICE sat outside a hospital this week where a 10 year old with cerebral palsy was undergoing emergency gall bladder surgery, and when it was over and she was out of the recovery room, took her to an immigration facility 150 miles from her home.

"It is stunning that federal agents would wait outside of a hospital room for a 10-year-old child with cerebral palsy," U.S. Representative Joaquin Castro of Texas said. "They are treating her like a convict."

The child, Rosa Maria, was three months old when she was brought to the U.S. She has has the mental capacity of a four or five year old, and has no idea what is happening.

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AG Sessions Seeks to Tighten Asylum Rules

AG Sessions wants Congress to tighten asylum rules.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions called on Congress Thursday to tighten the rules for people seeking asylum through a system he said is filled with “rampant abuse and fraud.”

...“The system is being gamed,” Sessions said. “Over the years, smart attorneys have exploited loopholes in the law, court rulings and lack of resources to substantially undermine the intent of Congress. . . . There is no cost or risk for those who make a baseless asylum claim.”

Did he mention how the Department of Justice games the system by offering asylum to large scale drug traffickers in exchange for their testimony against other traffickers? Including murderers? I'd bet not.

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CAGE Director Convicted of Terror Offense for Refusing to Provide Pin

Muhammad Rabbani, the Director of CAGE has been convicted in the UK of a terrorism offense for refusing to provide the pin number to cell phone and password to his laptop during a search at Heathrow Airport. He was returning from a wedding in Syria.

He was convicted at Westminster Magistrates' Court of one count of wilfully obstructing a stop-and-search under Section 7 of the Terrorism Act.

... Schedule 7 of the Terrorism Act gives officers their right to stop and search people "with or without suspicion".

He was given a conditional discharge and fined. [More...]

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D.C. Appeals Court Rules Sting-Ray Devices Unconstitutional

The D.C. Court of Appeals has overturned the convictions of a man named Prince Jones because the police employed a "sting ray" (cell-site simulator) device without a warrant. The opinion is here.

We agree with Mr. Jones that the government violated the Fourth Amendment when it deployed the cell-site simulator against him without first obtaining a warrant based on probable cause. Further, we reverse the trial court‘s inevitable-discovery ruling and reject the government‘s argument (not resolved by the trial court) that the good-faith doctrine precludes applying the exclusionary rule in this case. Because the admission at trial of the evidence obtained as a result of the unlawful search was not harmless beyond a reasonable doubt, we reverse Mr. Jones‘s convictions.

The ACLU and EFF wrote amicus briefs for defendant Prince. As I've written before, stingrays are particularly intrusive because they capture data from all phones in the area they are searching, not just the suspect's phone: [More...]

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iPhones and Face Recognition

The iPhone X (ten) does away with the home button and fingerprint ID and uses Face ID instead.

What's wrong with it?

From Slate: In the event you get arrested, a cop can just put your phone in front of your face and get all the stuff on it.

Even more likely, in my opinion, since most of us won't get arrested, muggers and robbers will know they can put your phone in front of your face and get all your banking info -- and after emptying your bank account at an ATM or charging up a storm for a few hours, sell the phone to a hacker.

Here's what Edward Snowden thinks.

I need a new phone now. The iPhone 8 and 8plus, which are revamped versions of the iPhone 7, are taking pre orders starting tomorrow. [More...]

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Federal Judge Blocks TX New Anti-Immigration Law

U.S. District Court Judge Orlando Garcia has issued a 94 page opinion (available here) blocking the implementation the most significant provisions of Texas S.B. 4, which had been scheduled to go into effect Sept. 1. The case is City of El Cenizo v State of Texas.

The ACLU says:

The law, recently signed by Gov. Greg Abbott, strips localities and local law enforcement in the state of the authority to determine how to best use their limited resources to ensure the safety of their communities. The law also turns Texas into a “show me your papers” state. Law enforcement

Thank you, ACLU.

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