R.I.P. Tina Turner and Open Thread

Legendary singer and performer Tina Turner died this week at age 83. If you haven't seen the movie "Tina", I highly recommend it. It's available on streaming services.

There are a million links to Tina singing Proud Mary. I love that song, but "You Better Be Good to Me" is the one that always gets me dancing. And of course, who can forget Tina in "The Acid Queen" role in rock opera Tommy. [More...]

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Trump Loses to E. Jean Carroll, Not a Home Run

The jury did not find E. Jean Carroll proved Donald Trump raped her.

The jury, in returning its verdict shortly after 3 p.m. said Ms. Carroll had not proved, by a preponderance of the evidence, that Mr. Trump had raped her, as she had long claimed.

It found he sexually abused her and defamed her causing her damage.She was awarded $5 million in damages. [More...]

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Sunday Open Thread

Here's a new open thread, all topics welcome.

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"Los Chapitos" Deny Their Involvement With Fentanyl

I'm catching up on the latest news and rumors about "Los Chapitos", who I think are victims of the DEA and Justice Department's latest smear campaign, intended to prejudice a future jury in the event they are captured and extradited. At least the Chapitos are fighting back. Here are the details of the lengthy letter their lawyer says they wrote and he submitted to the media in Mexico in response. An English translation is here.

Los Chapitos said that the purpose of their letter, which was addressed to the production team of a Milenio Televisión program, was to “clarify several points.”

They asserted that they are not the “head” of the Sinaloa Cartel and are not interested in leading the criminal organization. They also say that small and large “independent” cells of the cartel use their name or that of their father while carrying out illicit activities.


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Pomp and Circumstance: Coronation of King Charles, III

Today was the big day for Prince Charles, to be known hereafter as King Charles, III.

What struck you from the procession video? For me, it was how they placed Harry on the sidelines, with the frou-frou topping of the hat of the person in front of him in his face.

I also wondered if the woman behind Princess Kate might be a crasher. Aside from the expression on her face, she seems to be the only woman in the room not wearing a hat.

Here are some excellent photos ("The Best of the Red Carpet") from Infobae. [More...]

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Joe Biden Announces He Is Seeking Second Term

U.S. President Joe Biden announced today he is going to run for a second term as President.

President Biden formally announced on Tuesday that he would seek a second term, arguing that American democracy still faces a profound threat from former President Donald J. Trump as he set up the possibility of a climactic rematch between the two next year.

His announcement video opened with a scene from the January 6 assault on the Capitol. Looks like we should prepare for a brawl between two 80 year old white men. [More...]

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Fox Agrees to Pay $787.5 Million to Dominion

The defamation lawsuit Dominion Voting Systems brought against Fox News settled today with a whopping $787.5 million to be paid by Fox.

The settlement came right after the jury panel had been selected. What's curious is that this case didn't settle earlier. Few big defamation cases go to trial. [More...]

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Thursday Open Thread

Looks like we need a new open thread. I've had a busy week at work, I'll try to catch up over the weekend.

All topics welcome.

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Trump Indictment: Half a Ham Sandwich and Missing the Mustard ?

Here is the 16 page Indictment returned against Donald Trump - 34 felony counts of falsifying business records with (1) the intent to defraud and (2) the intent to commit another crime and aid and conceal the commission of this other crime. There is no conspiracy charge. Each count pertains to payments to Michael Cohen to reimburse him for the money Cohen advanced to Stormy Daniels through a shell corporation he set up for that purpose. Each payment is charged three (or four) different ways under the identical statute. For example, Count One alleges: [More...]

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Sunday Night Open Thread

Talkleft was down yesterday and today. Colin (our webmaster) fixed it this afternoon and hopefully it is cured of whatever was ailing it. This will be a big week of news, so please bear with us.

Colin also fixed TalkLeft Premium, Marijuana Laws and Popleft (which I have neglected the past few years but one day will return to.) We will also restore the George Zimmerman and Duke Lacrosse forums one of these days, for historical purposes.

I think it's significant that the 2006 story of Stormy Daniels and Trump first was printed in an online gossip site called "Dirty" and then by In Touch Magazine back in 2011. (Here is a version of the In Touch Magazine article as modified in 2018). At the time, both Trump and Stormy (and Cohen) issued denials. It is inconceivable to me that Melania didn't know about it. So any defense that the hush money payment in 2016, or repayments to Cohen in 2017, were for the purpose of keeping Melania from learning about the alleged affair, rather than to keep his campaign from tanking (in the days following the Billy Bush tape) doesn't seem viable to me. [More...]

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A Well-Earned Jury Win in Utah for Gwyneth Paltrow

Congrats to Gwyneth Paltrow for prevailing in her counterclaim against the retired optometrist who sued her for injuries he sustained in a run-in on a Utah ski mountain back in 2016. Gwyneth sought and received $1 dollar in damages. (The judge will decide whether she also recoups her legal fees).

I watched most of the trial on You Tube. Gwyneth's testimony was confident and credible. No theatrics at all. Perfectly styled with not too much makeup. I thought the lawyer cross-examining her was dreadful. From her oversized, ill-fitting powder blue suit , to her beginning so many questions with a comment about her own life (as if anyone cared, this wasn't about her, her parenting or her marriage) to her her repetitive use of the word "Fantastic" to reply to any "yes" answer given by Gwyneth (which reminded me of the contestants on the Bachelor and Bachelorette who describe every event as "awesome"), she just didn't have it together. [More...]

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Donald Trump Indicted by NYS Grand Jury

And there you have it. An honest to goodness Indictment has been returned by a New York State grand jury investigating Donald Trump's finances and the reimbursement of the hush money payment Michael Cohen made to adult film star Stormy Daniels on his behalf.

Donald Trump is presumed innocent. No one knows the exact charges. I've heard reports of two charges and of 34 charges, but these are just leaks.

He is expected to surrender to the DA's office on Tuesday, where he will have his mugshot and fingerprints taken, and then appear before a judge and be released on a personal recognizance bond.

One Indictment down, two to go? Grand jury investigations of Trump have been ongoing in the state of Georgia and at the federal level over the Jan. 6 uprising at the Capitol. [More....]

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