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Islamic Charity Attorneys Seek $2.26 Mil in Legal Fees in NSA Wiretap Case

Via Josh Gerstein at Politico: The lawyers who successfully sued the Government over Bush's warrantless NSA electronic surveillance of the defunct Islamic charity al-Haramain and two of its attorneys have filed a request for $2.26 million in legal fees.

The motion is here. The hourly breakdowns by lawyer (I've removed the names but they are in the pleading) for Dec. 2005 through July, 2010, are:

  • Lawyer 1: 2,497.6 hours.
  • Lawyer 2: 235.1 hours.
  • Lawyer 3: 682.2 hours.
  • Lawyer 4: 912.7 hours.
  • Lawyer 5: 284.6 hours.
  • Lawyer 6: 343.5 hours.
  • Lawyer 7: 467.2 hours.
  • Lawyer 8: 19.7 hours.

This appears to be in addition to the $612k the plaintiffs asked for in damages back in April (available here.) The Court's March, 2010 ruling finding that the government violated FISA when it intercepted communications related to the Al-Haramain charity is here. [More...]

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