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ABA Looks at The Lawyers Who May Run America

The American Bar Association Magazine attempts to predict the lawyers whom Sen. Barack Obama and John McCain are likely to appoint as Attorney General, Supreme Court Justices, Solicitor General, Homeland Security Chief and more.

Cass Sunstein is on the list, but not as Supreme Court Justice -- he's tapped for the White House Domestic Policy Advisor. For Attorney General, the ABA names Eric Holder and Mass. Gov. Deval Patrick. For Homeland Security Director, AZ Gov. Janet Napolitano.

The ABA is right to call their article a guessing game. I don't put much stock in their selections. As for McCain's choices, there are a few laugh-out-louds: [More...]

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Obama-McCain Nashville Debate: Live Thread One

The Nashville debate between Senators Barack Obama and John McCain begins at 9pm ET on CNN. Big Tent Democrat, TChris, the TL Kid and I will be live-blogging.

The live blog stays below the fold so that it can be a bit wider than the front page allows. Just click on the "There's More" button or bookmark the permalink to go directly to it.

You can comment same as always in the comment section below. You also can send us live messages through the software. Only comments you post below will appear on the site.

We'll ll be putting up some polls during it to see how you think the candidates and questioners are doing. If comments reach 200, we'll start a new thread.[More...]

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Obama Airs New Spanish Ad in Fl, CO, NV, NM

Sen. Barack Obama has released a new Spanish language ad on the economy in Colorado, Florida, Nevada and New Mexico. You can view it below the fold. The photo is a screen shot from it.

A companion radio ad (click here for audio) plays the same McCain "fundamentals" clip and later asserts, in the Florida version of the spot: "John McCain and the Republicans have no clue about the struggles of the middle class and working people. We have the highest unemployment in Florida in 13 years. Forty-five million people are without health insurance. Nine thousand five hundred homes are being foreclosed every day. In Florida, 1,400 families lose their homes on a daily basis. But John McCain and Republicans want to continue George Bush's same failed policies that led us to this collapse. How can McCain and the Republicans fix our economy if they don't know it's broken?"

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Three Polls Show Obama With Convention Bounce

Three poll results are out today, showing a substantial convention bounce for Sen. Barack Obama and Joe Biden..

A CNN poll shows no bounce. The question is, will it hold and what will McCain's be? Gallup says McCain went up 2 points because of his choice of Sarah Palin as his running mate, while there was no increase for Obama selecting Biden.

Some analysis of convention bumps is here. I like the Obama campaign's position that it is not interested in polls, only in the battleground states and getting out Obama voters. I've always thought the big battleground states are the key to this election.

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Quinnipiac: McCain Gains on Obama

While we're waiting for the LA Times poll results that Big Tent Democrat will write about, here's today's Quinnipiac poll:

American likely voters say 55 - 27 percent that Arizona Sen. John McCain is better qualified than Illinois Sen. Barack Obama to deal with Russia and now trails the Democrat 47 - 42 percent, according to a Quinnipiac University national poll released today.

This compares to a 50 - 41 percent Sen. Obama lead in a July 15 poll by the independent Quinnipiac (KWIN-uh-pe-ack) University.

Even pro-Obama bloggers aren't happy with Obama's campaign strategy. Here's Josh Marshall: [More...]

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