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From Fraudster to DEA Stingster to International Policy Advisor

Meet Keith Bulfin, an Australian stockbroker convicted for fraud and then recruited from an Australian supermax prison by the DEA for expensive and elaborate stings against the Mexican Cartels. His new book, Undercover: Story of a Life bills itself as "A true story of drug multi-millionaires, shoot-outs, executions, betrayal, armed car chases, assassins, double-agents, revenge, survival... and finally, redemption." From his bio:

Keith spent three years in a Supermax prison, where he was introduced by prison authorities to two Mexican fugitives. It was his friendship with them that led to his recruitment by the US Department of Justice to operate a covert banking operation in Mexico for the Mexico drug cartels. He was reassigned to Washington DC and the FBI to operate a covert bank, targeting Middle Eastern countries and terrorist organisations. He has worked as an expert advisor on money laundering with the National Security Council in Mexico, various foreign governments, policing agencies and multinational companies.


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