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Ranking Your Cell Phone Company on Privacy

The ACLU has obtained a chart from the Department of Justice showing what types of records the major cell phone carriers keep and for how long. The chart is here. It was prepared for law enforcement to assist them in obtaining cell phone records.

The ACLU filed 381 requests in 32 states with local law enforcement agencies in an attempt to determine when, why and how they are using cell phone location data to track Americans.

Here's a map where you can click on your state to learn more. Here's why it's a problem. [More..]

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Third Circuit Hears Oral Arguments Over Cell-Phone Tracking

Update: Good recap of oral arguments with quotes here.

Bump and Update: Reports are coming in on the oral arguments held this morning in the Third Circuit Court of Appeals over whether the Government can get cell phone companies to turn over data showing the location of a cell phone without first obtaining a court order establishing probable cause.

Judge Dolores Sloviter, one of a three-judge panel, told Eckenwiler the government's case raised questions about the government's rights to track individuals.

"There are governments in the world that would like to know where some of their people are or have been," she said, citing Iran as a government that monitors political meetings. "Wouldn't the government find it useful if it could get that information without showing probable cause? Don't we have to be concerned about that?"


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