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Check Out the Pork for Law Enforcement in the Senate Stimulus Bill

"Give it away, give it away now."

Has anyone even bothered to read the House and Senate stimulus bills? The Wall St. Journal has a chart with the differences between the two. (Note: $=1000s.) They read like a Joe Biden crime bill. Pure pork and what on earth are they doing in a stimulus bill to help the economy and struggling Americans?

Every one of these needs to get tossed from this bill. No wonder we're going broke. Even the first one, which is laudable, doesn't belong in a stimulus bill.

  • Funds for office supervising humane confinement of federal detainees.
    House $0
    Senate $100,000
  • Justice spending oversight.
    House $2,000
    Senate $2,000
  • Extra FBI agents to focus on crimes against children.
    House $0
    Senate $50,000
  • Construction at US Marshals Service
    House $0
    Senate $100,000
  • Extra hires to target mortgage fraud.
    House $0
    Senate $75,000
  • Construction at FBI
    House $0
    Senate $300,000


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