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Third Sweat Lodge Victim Dies

Another story I missed that seems to have long legs: the New Age retreat run by self-help guru James Arthur Ray. 50 people were crammed like sardines inside a sweat lodge, 21 got sick, and now three have died. Authorities are treating the three deaths as homicides.

According to one of those present:

a channeler at the retreat last Friday said the deceased had an out-of-body experience during the sweat lodge ceremony and "were having so much fun that they chose not to come back."

For a thorough take-down of the new-age scam, see Theresa at Making Light, "$9,695 New Age sweat lodge session kills 2, injures 19"

I wonder how much media attention the story would have garnered if the participants hadn't each paid $9,695. to attend the weekly retreat.

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